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The Facts

More than 40 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and that number is increasing. This means that in a church the size of Bethel, nearly 1,200 people will deal with cancer during their lifetime.

In a church the size of Bethel:

  • 70 people will develop bladder cancer
  • 150 people will develop colon cancer
  • 200 people will develop lung cancer
  • 180 women will develop breast cancer
  • 225 men will develop prostate cancer
  • And the list goes on . . .

Many people in our church have already endured the diagnosis and treatments related to cancer.

We have the opportunity to minister to those who are currently going through it. We can be a friend, a source of information, a shoulder to cry on, and someone with whom to celebrate.

How can you help?

There are several ways you can minister to those with cancer and their loved ones:

  • Prepare meals
  • Clean their house
  • Provide transportation
  • Be a Care Partner
Cancer Survivor?
Cancer Caregiver?

If you have battled cancer or have served as caregiver to someone who has, you understand the daily challenges of the battle. You remember the days of fear, questions and uncertainty. You remember what it was like to endure chemo, radiation and surgery.

No one would willingly choose to live what you went through and to some extent still live with. However, your experience has given you unique knowledge.

On a regular basis, those who attend Bethel are given the shocking news of a cancer diagnosis. They are confused, scared and filled with questions. You have walked where they will very soon walk. Your experience and knowledge can be vital to them.

Please consider serving in the Bethel Cares ministry as a Care Partner. You can make a difference. You can turn the negative experience of cancer into a positive. You can truly say, “I understand.”

Care Partners will be expected to participate in a day of training. We will notify you of upcoming training days.

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